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The Snare – New track by Flos Cordis

Hi everybody,

We’ve just finished a new track, and I’m totally growling in it! Hear it at



Flos Cordis – A Collaboration Project

Hi folks,

I got myself a collaboration project, and our first song is out. Check it out at Bandcamp.

Love you

Scales (2016) – New album 2016

Hi everyone,

I put a new album online for your judgement. It is based on a score for a short film. No more Russian tzars and medieval chants) Just orchestrations and industrial rhythms. Get

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«The White Fury of the Tzar» – new release 2014

Hi everyone,

I don’t post very often, do I?.. Anyway check out my new release. Music for the historical installation dedicated to one of the darkest pages of my town’s history.

P.S. Spam is killing me, so no more comments on the site, sorry.

P.P.S. Facebook, Myspace etc don’t really work for me. Send

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Paypals and Remixes

Hi everyone,


Since the album sales are not so good, I’ve decided not to hide the Noirvember remix from you. The track is available at the music contest GENERATION.torrent №4, in the Industrial category. Everyone who has an account there can download the torrent file with the contestants’ music and then vote. Please

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Appaseasonato (2011) – New album online!

Three years ago I shared “Post-Romantic Syndrome” with you. I am very grateful for the acceptance and appreciation. Today I’m ready to reveal another piece of the world through my eyes . “Appaseasonato” – the CD that meant everything to me for all this time. I’ve been through a lot, I had to move

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