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Appaseasonato (2011) – New album online!

Three years ago I shared “Post-Romantic Syndrome” with you. I am very grateful for the acceptance and appreciation. Today I’m ready to reveal another piece of the world through my eyes . “Appaseasonato” – the CD that meant everything to me for all this time. I’ve been through a lot, I had to move my music back, overshadow it. But the day has come, and the music is yours.

Please visit the album’s page in the discography section, listen, download.


There is a small range of people the album would be much more different without. I wish to give them credit and thank them from the bottom of my heart:

Thank you Eugenija Miloserdova for the hard work, for being imbued, for your amazing illustrations – genuine pieces of art, that not only supplement the music, but also inspire to write more.

Thank you Ekaterina Vasiljeva for your cooperation, efficiency, enthusiasm, for the objective view from the outside, for the incomparable performance.

Thank you Alex of Mayhem Project for the awesome Myspace page, for the understanding, for the invaluable participation in album’s fate.

Thank you Sergey Belyakov of “Физики и Лирики” for your help with this website, for your support and participation.

Thank you Artyom Dolina for the helpful advises about sound stuff.


8 comments to Appaseasonato (2011) – New album online!

  • thank u share~ love this music very much!
    I’m from china,and there have many fans of you!
    You see:)

    Hope some day u come to there~

    • truegedian

      Thank you. It’s a pleasure to know that Scythelence’s music is appreciated in China.

  • Aida Mannerheim

    Сердечная благодарность автору за невероятно красивую, тонкую и глубокую музыку!.. Вдохновения Вам, дерзновений и свершений!

  • DarioC

    Hey bro! I really like ur music, it’s very cold, sad and beautiful, almost 4 me … Specially I really like “Post-Romantic Syndrome” ^^ It’s perfect! :D
    Congratulations and go ahead!

    Greetings from Venezuela ! ^^!

  • SiMON

    Hello from England, I just want to express my sincere gratitude for sharing your beautiful music.

  • indeed it’s a long hard path for someone to take the least participant to the corrupted money-worshiped human connection and relationships and insisting on dwelling on his subjective world, wishing only to find and capture the melody of beauty through his own sensations.
    knowing the fringed and minimalism world of you has greatly identified my feelings with your work.

    the chinese new year is approaching and during this period of time, i shall send you all the best wishes from the bottom of my heart!

    Ethaniel Chan

  • Владимир

    Совсем недавно узнал о втором альбоме, долгое время заслушивался первым, но признаться, думал, что на нём всё и закончится. Appaseasonato оказался даже лучше, более многослойный, насыщенный и гармоничный. Спасибо за прекрасную музыку вам, Иван, и всем, кто вам помогал. Я надеюсь, что ваш творческий путь не окончен и вскоре вы подарите своим немногочисленным, но преданным поклонникам больше музыки.