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Paypals and Remixes

Hi everyone,


Since the album sales are not so good, I’ve decided not to hide the Noirvember remix from you. The track is available at the music contest GENERATION.torrent №4, in the Industrial category. Everyone who has an account there can download the torrent file with the contestants’ music and then vote. Please take note that the voting system is “reversed”. You vote for the worst track, for the track that should not win. Be alert. Also you can find a band where I play keyboards and arrange songs in the Sympho Metal category. The band is called Flos Cordis. There’s plenty of other interesting music at the contest, over 800 tracks were submitted. I suggest you cast a glance at the nominees. The registration is free but there’s one thing… The website is in Russian and it doesn’t have an English interface. I’ve googled up some tips for English users, hope that helps.


I’ve got more important news for you. I accept Paypal donations now! So whenever you feel charitable just push the Donate button in the Donations section. Thank you for all of your donations, I appreciate it very much.


There are few Russian reviews on Appaseasonato on the album page, and a very favorable Polish one here.


That’s all for today.

Take care.


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