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B-Scythes is the section for the tracks that don’t belong in the albums. You’ll find experiments, remixes, sketches, dropped ideas, new drafts here. I plan to add something here upon writing it.
Download all B-Scythes within one rar archive from 2011-04-13.


My tribute to 70′s music. I tried to build it upon the elements which were popular at that wonderful time – mellotron, electric piano, and rock band.


Some of you know that I tried myself in metal genre. The music was in the ugly duckling stage and the shortcomings outweighed the benefits. The project died eventually and this track became its last. Let’s not call this Scythelence, let it be the last track by FullMoon’s Insignia presented for the first time.

Time at a Standtstill

An abandoned idea. An interested listener will find it familiar.

Образ I,II

Two tracks for the unfinished local art project “Образ”. When production stopped in 2007 the tracks became needless. They are yours now.

Kurbat – Из детства (Saim Beat rmx)

A guy asked me on the internet if I didn’t mind his using my track as a sample. He gave me the link and I didn’t mind. It is an unofficial track made for the remix competition of the Moscow mc Kurbat. Lyrics by Kurbat, remixed by Saim Beat, the sample is Transparent Eyelids by me. I hope nobody minds me giving the link.